The ratiotec palletizer:

Please select a product, from our current offer at palletizing systems:
     P5_R -
PAL 01 - Palletizer robot PAL 02 - Palletizer handling
P5_H -      


Is the storage of small, fragile components
an issue? Do you have formed plastic
containers for component storage with
automatic loading and unloading and
available? Are short, product cycle times
and no down-times with pallet changes an
important criteria? Then you do not pass
and miss the ratiotec palletizer.

If you desire, we will take the responsibility
and design your optimal solution and will
arrange relation to qualified suppliers. Have
appropriate pallets already, send us
samples and we will provide you with a
solution. Briefly, ratiotec will gladly
transfers all tasks specifically around
automatic palletizing up to integration,
logistics and to control systems.

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